Garden Studio: Extra Space for the Artist in You

Garden Studio: Extra Space for the Artist in You

Are you craving for extra space at home? Why don’t you install a backyard wooden studio in your garden? It's a superb idea, especially if you’re a freelance artist who needs a clear-cut separation between work and home. Apart from that, having a garden studio comes with much more benefits:

1. Flexible Space

A garden studio’s relatively small area isn’t a disadvantage. Since it’s not so big, a shed is easier to manage and redesign whenever you want to. Perhaps, you initially build it as a workshop where you can paint peacefully.  But, you can easily turn it into an office or a music room if you desire.

2. Peaceful Environment

Imagine being able to look out onto a beautiful, colourful garden while working on your new creation. It’s easier to focus on what you are doing without your children bothering you much. In turn, you’ll be more productive every day. Also, working in a peaceful environment can help reduce your stress, leading to a healthy body.

3. Affordable Backyard Addition

If you want a new look for your yard, you don’t need to spend a lot on landscaping or redesigning your entire garden. Just build or install a shed and your garden will have a refreshed look.

4. Increased Home Value

Garden studios are not only a great, peaceful place to work, but they can be a significant investment, as well. Studies show that wooden sheds increase a home’s value by as much as seven percent. So if you have plans to sell your home in the future, you can offer it at a higher price once you have sturdy, gorgeous studio in your backyard.

Beautifully designed backyard sheds are, indeed, a perfect addition to your home. You won’t only have an extra floor space, but you’ll gain other benefits, as well — such as indulging the artist in you.

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