Why Your Kids Will Love a Cubby House

Why Your Kids Will Love a Cubby House

cubby house for kidsThe cubby house is a million different things for kids. From being a smaller version of your home to a majestic palace standing proud in your backyard, it’s a wonderful structure to have for playtime. Here’s a list why kids fall in love with cubby houses. Read through if you’re considering getting a cubby house for your young ones or if you just want to remember the days when you had one.

1. Their Own Corner of the World

A cubby house gives kids a space just for themselves. As they circle around their new play house, they will feel a sense of ownership. As a structure that is separate from the home, children will really feel like it is their own special space and something for them to build upon.

2. Alternate to Digital Devices

There’s much debate over the benefits of gadgets for children. However, it’s always great to unplug once in a while. With a nice cubby, kids will have an alternative to staring at screens and playing virtual games. This has health benefits as it encourages outdoor play and greater physical activity.

3. Flexing the Imagination Muscle

For kids, a wooden cubby house is never simply a wooden hut. In the blink of an eye, it can be a rocket ship, a medieval fort or even a smaller version of their own home. The ability to exercise imagination is important for kids. This will allow them to develop skills such as creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, both important when they reach adulthood.

4. Independence

Having their own space can teach kids about independence and responsibility. With cubby houses, kids can be taught about keeping a place in order, cleaning up and placing things in their proper places. Kids become more self-motivated to look after their possessions when they take ownership of the cubby space.

Cedar Shed provides a beautiful selection of timber cubby houses that are designed for your kids’ enjoyment. These playhouses are built with fine, child-safe finishing and have child-friendly dimensions. A nicely built cubby house will not only be the centrepiece of your child’s play area, but it will also be a fun feature of your home.

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